1800 years ago, Chinese people invented Abacus Calculation through the use of abacus as a tool to do calculations on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This was done by using fingers to move beads of abacus. Chinese Abacus can therefore be regarded as one of the oldest computing tools in the world.

    The structure of Chinese Abacus is simple but conveys profound mathematical thoughts. Chinese Abacus had been spread to Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other countries as early as the 16th century. Abacus Calculation has now been so popularized around the world that wherever the Chinese are, there the Chinese Abacus will be seen and used. Thus the sight of Chinese Abacus will inevitably remind people of the ancient civilization in the Orient.

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Abacus History


    Abacus culture is a precious historical and cultural heritage, as well as a kind of professional culture, practical culture and popular culture involving a wide range of areas and a large number of people over a long period. It is a precious historical and cultural heritage.

    In daily life, the abacus has the metaphor meanings of planning and intending. Someone who is greedy for money and profits is called an “iron abacus”; the person who always gives bad idea is known as the "ghost abacus"; the one who plans and calculates is referred to as the “shrewd abacus”. “Food won’t cost you much, clothing won’t make you poor, but without financial planning, you may remain poor all your life.” This is a typical example of abacus culture philosophy.

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Abacus Story


    Abacus culture is the cream of the intelligence of the Chinese nation. The transmission and innovation of this culture have made significant contributions in the process of China’s promoting human civilization.

    Abacus culture is established on the basis of science, which can be seen from the fourteen ancient calculation methods as recorded in “Notes on the Mathematical Heritage” (Shushu Jiyi). Many of the lost arithmetic contents of “Systematic Treatise on Computational Methods” (Suanfa Tongzong), pottery balls of the Western Zhou Dynasty about 3,000 years ago, as well as the silver lock abacus which had fully embodied the folk custom of Huizhou, are themselves worthy of a very high scientific research.

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Abacus Research

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